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The common problems of underwear are as follows:

1. How to choose the size of the underwear?
When choosing underwear size, you need to measure bust and lower bust. According to the brand of the brand, find the size that meets your measurement results. However, there may be differences in different brands. It is best to try it on or refer to the evaluation of other buyers.

2. Which material of underwear is suitable for me?
Underwear materials include cotton, silk, polyester fiber, etc. When choosing, you can consider comfort, breathability and humidity. People with sensitive skin can choose natural fiber materials, and synthetic fibers with fast dry function can be selected.

3. How to correctly wash the underwear?
Most underwear is recommended to wash it by hand, use mild detergent and avoid powerful rubbing. Rinse with water and squeeze the water gently. Avoid machine washing and drying, so as not to damage the fabric and loose band.

4. How long does it take to change underwear?
Underwear will affect the support effect due to elastic reduction and tight band failure after a long period of use. It is generally recommended to change every 6 months to one year.

5. How to keep the shape and life of the underwear?
Avoid stacking or squeezing underwear, it is best to store it with a special underwear box or shelf. Pay attention to avoid rubbing with rough objects. In addition, compliance with the correct protection method can also extend the life of underwear.

Please note that the above is only the answer to general questions. For specific brands or styles of underwear, you should also refer to its official guidelines or product description.